Route 238 is Ablaze!


It is Autumn, and the leaves in Southern Oregon are at their peak! Now is a great time to take a tour through Oregon’s Route 238 and bask in the glory that is fall.

I’ve been driving these roads for over 25 years, and have noticed how mature the trees are getting. They are bigger and more beautiful than ever! Fall and Spring are the most glorious times to see the trees go through their cycles, and this Fall is no exception. Actually, it is an exception, in that we have had the most amazing “Indian Summer” here in Southern Oregon this year. I encourage you to get out and see the sights before the next storm blows in!


16 thoughts on “Route 238 is Ablaze!”

  1. I would love to take my little sports car on this highway just for the beauty. Thanks for sharing such a great place to take a relaxing drive.

  2. I’m still fairly new to Southern Oregon, so it’s great to know where to go and catch some of that Oregonian natural beauty. When I lived in Asheville, NC, every fall would see the arrival of “leaf peepers”. The Blue Ridge Parkway was a magnificent place to view the seasonal transitions.

  3. I have to admit, I have travelled to several places, even overseas, and Fall in Oregon still impresses me deeply. It’s just amazing how colorful nature around here can get, after spending most of the year in drab greenish brown colors.

  4. I haven’t been on it for awhile, but I remember it being a very fun “driving” road, with many twists and turns, mixed in with straight-aways. Very fun road to drive if you’re more than the A-to-B type of driver.

  5. I love this time of year. I love watching the trees change color while the air around gets colder and colder. I have also ways loved being outside during the fall season. I look forward to fall every year. I am always sad when the trees are bare.

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