Williams’ Own Cocina 7

cocinaThere is only one real restaurant in Williams, a Mexican inspired and whimsical experiential taco joint called Cocina 7.  The American Legion leases their hall out to the Wilson family, who run the taco joint. They are only open 4 days a week, and worth every visit! Taco Tuesdays feature Baja tacos, a beer battered cod with crema sauce that is to die for! There are GMO free options, as the Cocina makes their own organic corn tortillas. They have beer and kombucha on tap, and make their flan and Mexican chocolate truffles in house.

Another aspect of this business is the “Cucumber Lounge”. This is where Thursday’s Open Mic happens (the restaurant serves French fries with home-made ketchup on Thursdays). The Cucumber Lounge also serves as a venue for local and traveling musicians.

I can’t speak highly enough of Cocina 7! Check out their menu at http://cocina7.com/menu/

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