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Williams’ Own Cocina 7

cocinaThere is only one real restaurant in Williams, a Mexican inspired and whimsical experiential taco joint called Cocina 7.  The American Legion leases their hall out to the Wilson family, who run the taco joint. They are only open 4 days a week, and worth every visit! Taco Tuesdays feature Baja tacos, a beer battered cod with crema sauce that is to die for! There are GMO free options, as the Cocina makes their own organic corn tortillas. They have beer and kombucha on tap, and make their flan and Mexican chocolate truffles in house.

Another aspect of this business is the “Cucumber Lounge”. This is where Thursday’s Open Mic happens (the restaurant serves French fries with home-made ketchup on Thursdays). The Cucumber Lounge also serves as a venue for local and traveling musicians.

I can’t speak highly enough of Cocina 7! Check out their menu at

Applegate Wine Trail

The Applegate Valley is steadily being acclaimed for it’s wineries. Have a look at the video below and learn more about what this area has to offer!

Jacksonville’s Historic Hanley Farm

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Long before Europeans arrived in the Rogue Valley Native Americans camped at what is now Hanley Farm to harvest and process acorns from the oaks that grew in the prairie all around. Spear points and grinding bowls have been found on the grounds Hanley Farm.

On August 23, 1852, David Clinton and his son-in-law, Archibald Welton each filed a donation land claim for adjoining parcels of land. The two men built a double log cabin to house their families and a barn on the property. In April 1857, they sold the land and structures to Michael Hanley for a combined price of $6,000.

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Thanks to Alice Hanley (1859-1940), much of the original homestead stays intact. Her niece Mary Hanley was the last to live in the house, and had donated the property to the Southern Oregon Historical Society prior to her death in 1986, hoping that it would serve as an agricultural museum for future generations. And that it has!


Hanley farms has many educational opportunities for schools, self-guided tours and beautiful gardens. Their mission is to provide educational programs that connect children to their past, their food, and their community. Not only do students have fun, but the interactive lessons and demonstrations they receive in history and agriculture stay with them long after they return to the classroom.

They have many events throughout the year, including these two upcoming ones:
November 28, 2015: Holidays Wreath- Making from 11am – 3pm
December 27, 2015: Holiday Open House from 11am – 3pm

I encourage all to check out their website for more information, and attend some of their events! 2015 Hanley Farm Calendar

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