Oregon Route 238’s Easterly Beginning

Oregon Route 238 is an Oregon state highway which runs
between the cities of Grants Pass, Oregon and Medford, Oregon and through the historic town of Jacksonville. It is known as the Jacksonville Highway No. 272.

Oregon Route 238 starts at it’s eastern point in Medford, Oregon at the intersection Oregon Route 99 (at Court & Riverside St), which is also the western end of Oregon Route 62. (Exit 30 off of i5.)

The beginning of Oregon’s Route 238 is mostly industrial areas on what is Rossanley Drive in Medford. The road takes you on a bridge that goes over a lumber yard.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 10.41.43 PM
image courtesy of The Human Bean http://thehumanbean.com

After the Sage Rd. intersection, keep an eye out on the left side of the road for The Human Bean (559 Rossandley Dr.), and treat yourself to a cuppa for the ride!

Welcome to OregonRoute238.com

Here you will find reviews of areas of interest along the Southern Oregon highway of route 238. I will take you through history, business reviews, nature/hiking/swimming areas, and other points of interest along the way.  Some of the reviews will include wineries, eating establishments and musical venues. I will also include events and activities happening in the area. If you have something to add, please register and contribute to my blog!

Plugin Reviews


I started with wanting to install the akismet plugin that came with the WordPress install. I quickly realized I needed a subscription to go through with the activation of the plugin. I will stick with my spam filters in the Writing area of my settings for now, as I don’t want to pay for plugins at this point.

Then I went to download a few more plugins. I had to make my directories write-able before I could install directly onto my server through FTP. The plugins I chose were and Event Calendar, a Gallery and a forum plugin. I have activated the Event Calendar and Gallery so far. They are very easy to use and intuitive, and flow into WordPress very well. The Calendar plugin requires a shortcode, so I created a calendar page and added the short code   into the content of the page, thereby making it work.  (a left bracket with the word calendar and a right closing bracket is how I have to word what the short code is in this post, otherwise WordPress will read the shortcode and put a calendar smack dab in the middle of my paragraph) I added categories to the calendar that would reflect the types of events I would be posting about (music, art openings, hikes & nature). I look forward to adding more events to this plugin in the future. (http://oregonroute238.com/index.php/event-calendar/)

The gallery plugin seems like it would work great. Once it was installed, there was a sidebar menu item added to my WordPress Dashboard. The settings are all under that menu item and look kind of complicated to use. I am not sure I would recommend this gallery plugin. I am still figuring out how to make it work, but I have high hopes as it was the top downloaded. The album plugins available to WordPress have come a long way, I do believe.(http://oregonroute238.com/index.php/beauty-shots/)



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Tour & visit these gems that Route 238 of Southern Oregon has to offer!